Menstrual Hygiene

Every woman must have a healthy way to manage her period because menstruation is what makes all life possible.The funds from this will be used to promote menstrual hygiene awareness and will facilitate the local production of a reusable menstrual hygiene product that is safe for our bodies and which causes the minimum burden on our waste management system. Thooya Naal combines menstrual hygiene education with access to locally made reusable pads. It will also enhance income levels for 4 persons engaged in the production of these pads, two of whom are differently challenged.

Target:  2000 women in Dindigul district

Project Costs: Rs 2,97,000 for one year

Project Period: June 2018-May 2019

Impact: If 2000 women choose to switch to a sustainable product,  3,60,000 sanitary napkins will be prevented from hitting  the land-fills for 500-800 years and polluting the water , soil and air.

Current project area:  Dindigual District, Tamil Nadu