Covid-19 Relief

Rejuvenate India Movement is assisting the local administration through Community Volunteers (Samaj Shilpis and Samaj Shilpi Alumni) in villages of rural Madhya Pradesh (in Chattarpur, Panna and Tikamgarh districts), Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in creating awareness on crucial aspects of prevention, hygiene, social distancing, assisting in the quarantine centers and creating a database of migrant labour who have returned from cities/ urban areas.

In addition, we are:

Educating the communities on the benefits announced by the government and facilitating the process of reaching these benefits to the poor.

Providing Grocery Kits, Reusable Face masks, and other essentials to the extremely needy in the community, sourced from local markets and rural groups , there by providing some income to the rural economy which is also facing a livelihood crisis.