While private, well funded schools in India have more than one library which is not just a store house of books but a complete information center, libraries in government schools are a different reality. Most government schools today have libraries, but do not have age appropriate books nor a guided reading process.

RIM has started the process of strengthening school libraries in rural Tamil Nadu by providing them carefully selected books that are graded by level of reading, racks and other stationery. We also provide them a librarian who guides the children through a structure reading program. The aim of this initiative is to enhance the reading and comprehension levels of children through the use of libraries as well as create the culture of reading in rural schools.

Number of libraries targeted in 2018-19: 11

Places: 10 in Acharapakkam Block, Kancheepuram district, 1 in Ambasamudram block, Tirunalveli

Costs per library: Rs 60,000 for 1 year.

A library session in progress