About Us

The concept of Rejuvenate India Movement (RIM), was inspired by Dr. B V. Parameswara Rao, a scientist turned developmental worker who has been working in rural India since the 1960’s. RIM started its activities in India in March 2000 with the help of Non-Residents Indians.

RIM was registered in India in 2001, and was led over a decade by Dr. H. Sudarshan, a Padmashree and a Right Livelihood awardee and the President of Karuna Trust.Dr. H. Sudarshan, while continuing to remain the Governing Body handed over the mantle to Mr. A L Rangarajan (aka Ranga), a young and dynamic development worker and has risen ground up in the organization. In Oct 2020, Ranga passed on the baton to Ravi M., who has worked in the organisation first as a State Coordinator and then as a National Coordinator. Ravi, is the Secretary to the RIM Governing Body.

RIM in the USA

RIM has an informal, committed group of NRIs in Flint, Michigan headed by Dr. R. Shantaram and ably supported by Mr. Swami Ganapathy, Mr. Siva Kumar, Mr. Vasu Iyengar, Mr. Raj Krish to name a few.

Several NRI groups like India Friends Association headed by Dr. Prithvi Raj Sharma, ASTI and NRI Home Coming headed by Mr. Ram Krishnan have supported RIM’s efforts in India.

Our Mission

To bring together Indians everywhere to deepen democracy and equality

Our Vision

A people’s movement to rejuvenate India

Our Goal

To catalyze a mass movement to strengthen democratic processes toward self-reliant development

Legal Status

  • Registered under the Karnataka Societies Act 1960.Registration Number: 894/2001-02
  • Registered under Section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  • Registered under FCRA  2011.